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Internship Daily Time Sheet. Name: Date. Start. Time. End. Time. Summary of Task Worked On. Approximate. Time Spent on Task. Total Hours. So Far ...
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How to fill out internship timesheet form

To fill out an internship timesheet, you will need to first gather all the necessary information and documents. This may include your name, position, department, supervisor's name, and the specific time period for which you are submitting the timesheet.
Begin by logging the date and the time you start and end each workday. It is important to accurately record the hours you have worked, including any breaks or lunch periods. This will help ensure that you are properly compensated for your internship hours.
Make sure to include any additional information that may be required, such as a description of the tasks or projects you worked on during each time period. This will help provide a detailed account of your internship activities.
If there are any specific codes or categories that you need to attribute your time to, make sure to accurately indicate them on the timesheet. This may be necessary for organizational or billing purposes.
Double-check your entries for any errors or omissions. It is important to submit an accurate timesheet, as any mistakes could affect your internship hours or compensation.
Once you have completed the timesheet, review it to ensure that all the necessary information is included and that it is filled out correctly. Sign and date the document before submitting it to your supervisor or the appropriate department for approval.
In summary, filling out an internship timesheet requires gathering the necessary information, accurately recording your work hours and activities, attributing time to specific codes or categories if required, reviewing for errors or omissions, and submitting the completed timesheet for approval.

Who needs an internship timesheet?

Internship timesheets are typically required by the organization or company where you are completing your internship. They serve as a record of the hours you have worked and the tasks you have completed during your internship.
Your supervisor or the department responsible for managing internships may also require the submission of a timesheet for monitoring and evaluation purposes.
Additionally, timesheets may be needed for compliance with labor laws or regulations, or for billing and reimbursement purposes if your internship is funded through a program or grant.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing internship timesheet

Instructions and Help about internship hours tracking sheet form

To submit your timesheet you'll need to submit to document the first is the Excel timesheet where you're supposed to be recording all the hours that you work during the month and what you want to do is open up the Excel sheet type in your first and last name over here the pay period is the month in which you worked so let's say that you were working in the month of March and you need to get paid for march you will just click on the drop-down arrow located on the right side and select the month of march right there so that'll say march first of the 31st then you need to select the year from the drop-down menu once again the drop-down menu is on the right side of the cell top in your student ID number and your job title is one of these three options actually yours is student assistant three right there okay, and I'm actually going to go ahead and make this permanent, so you'll need to select it'll always be there now on your timesheet you'll notice that there are several columns there's 14 month day and description let's say that the first day that you began working is on March the 23rd so what you want to do is go to the 23rd day of the month which is right here and next to it click on the cell right next to it and select from the drop-down menu the month of March, and you'll need to include a description over here the description is not something that you need to type in they are pre-populated on the cell all of these cells have a drop-down menu and there are four options that you can select from simply click on the right drop down menu and pick the description that best fits which you spent most of your shift doing on that day so if you spent the entire day setting up stations doing meson Play and prep work for the kitchen select this option however if you spent most of your day cooking or serving or working with inventory or dish washing or stocking the storage room then please pick the inventory management option let's say that you spent the entire day doing food preparation select food preparation and then on the right column here labeled hours you want to select the number of hours that you worked when you're putting in your hours you need to put in your hours in increments of 15 minutes so if you worked one hour then just go ahead and put in one hour however if you worked one hour and 10 minutes then you need to round it up to the nearest quarter of an hour which is 125 if you work for an hour and a half then it would be 15 if you work for in an hour and 45 minutes, and it would be 175 okay so always put this in increments of a quarter of an hour now you are allowed to work to a maximum of 19 hours per week okay so let's assume that you've gone ahead and filled out all the days that you worked you'll notice that at the very bottom of the Excel sheet the Excel shall automatically calculate all the hours that you worked for that month your salary rate is your hourly rate which is right here the Excel sheet will automatically calculate the...

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1. Check in with your supervisor to obtain the timesheet. 2. Fill out the required information, such as your name, the date, and the hours worked. 3. Record the time you started and ended each day, including any breaks. 4. Make sure to include any extra hours you worked on a project outside of your normal work hours. 5. Review the timesheet for accuracy and errors. 6. Once you are finished, submit the completed timesheet to your supervisor for approval.
The information that must be reported on an internship timesheet includes the name of the intern, date and hours worked, start and end times, type of work performed, a brief description of the work, and supervisor name and signature.
The penalty for the late filing of internship timesheets will vary depending on the employer. Some employers may choose to not accept the timesheet after a certain deadline, or impose a fine or other disciplinary action. It is important to consult with your employer to find out their specific policies and procedures.
An internship timesheet is a document that is filled out by an intern to record the hours they have worked during their internship. It typically includes information such as the date, start and end times, and tasks performed during each work session. The timesheet serves as a record of the intern's work hours, which may be used to calculate their pay or track the progress of their internship.
The person required to file an internship timesheet is typically the intern themselves. It is their responsibility to track and report their hours worked during the internship to their supervisor or the designated person in charge of tracking intern hours.
The purpose of an internship timesheet is to accurately track and record the number of hours worked by an intern during their internship period. It serves as a management tool for both the intern and the organization, allowing them to monitor and evaluate the intern's progress, productivity, and fulfillment of their responsibilities. The timesheet also helps in tracking the intern's compliance with work schedule and ensuring that they are fulfilling the required number of hours for their internship program. Additionally, it provides a basis for calculating and processing intern payroll and expense reimbursement, if applicable.
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